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Tales from the wardrobe


Title: Tales from the wardrobe
Author: jethnen (jethnen@hotmail.com)
Beta: Sirannon
Pairing: Colin/Jared. The story is written from Jonathan’s POV.
Rating: Somewhere in between FRT and FRM (T/M)
Summary: Jared has been acting up for a while. Colin decides to take matters into his own hands.
Warnings: m/m relationship; spanking, a bit of angst, mild sexual comments. No sex in this one.
Feedback: Yes, please! It’s a good motivator to continue writing.
Author’s Note: My first attempt at slash for the last five years and also the first attempt with this pairing. Please, cope with me while I get the hang of it. This was supposed to be a 'one shot' story, but ended up becoming a series.
Disclaimer: The events portrayed in this story never happened; they are just a figment of my deviant imagination. I don’t know the people involved and have no contact whatsoever with them. No, I don’t own them either. Just to be safe, let me repeat something: THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

Tales from the wardrobe


Tags and new look

Hello everyone

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colin/jared fic

hey everyone i'm looking for a fic where colin and jared rehearse for a love scene in alexander that oliver stone takes out for being too raunchy. it ends up with colin and jared making love for real.
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Matching Hearts

Title: Matching Hearts (part of Renewal series)
Pairing(s): Jared/Colin
Rating: R
Warning(s): implied m/m slash, language, fluff, texting-abuse
Word Count: 2,800 - more of a ficlet
Beta: the stunning queencheeze 
A/N: Written for hush_pup  who chose Jared/Colin and ... not gonna tell you the prompt word cuz it’ll ruin the story. XD Also for all the Jared/Colin girls on my flist. Hope you like.

-beautiful banner by queencheeze -

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Phonebooth Kiefer

Phone Booth slash?

Hey~ new poster. ^^ I'm curious as to whether or not anyone writes Phone Booth slash with Colin? He was so delicious stuck in a Phone Booth, and that movie was SO suggestive.

For my own offerings, I have a couple:

The Change You Wanted - Stu/The Caller - A year down the road, Stu discovers that living honestly isn't as easy as it sounds. But he's still got encouragement on the phone.
Necessity - Stu/The Caller x Date Rape drug... PWP. Dub-con-ish.
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HI :)


I'm new to community but not to the fandom :)

Time ago, I've read a story about Colin and Jared, an AU if I'm right. Where Colin works as a wood worker or something like this and Jared is a hooker and Colin helps him to recover. More or less this should be the plot, but I can't really remember the name of the story.

Could you help find it?

Thanks :)

Drabble - You promised


Perfect song to listen to while reading this
is: One last good-bye by Anathema

Title:               You promised

Status:            complete

Pairing:          Jared Leto/ Colin Farrell

Rating:            PG, I guess

Warning:        Depressing stuff, so if you
out of tissues, don’t read it. XD

Disclaimer:     All fiction, of course. And those

                       cuties are still not mine. Damn.

Summary:      It’s a drabble – the summary

                       would be longer than the story. XD

                       It’s from Jared’s POV

Feedback:      Highly welcomed, even if only to 
                       tell me that this story sucks.

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