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Tales from the wardrobe


Title: Tales from the wardrobe
Author: jethnen (
Beta: Sirannon
Pairing: Colin/Jared. The story is written from Jonathan’s POV.
Rating: Somewhere in between FRT and FRM (T/M)
Summary: Jared has been acting up for a while. Colin decides to take matters into his own hands.
Warnings: m/m relationship; spanking, a bit of angst, mild sexual comments. No sex in this one.
Feedback: Yes, please! It’s a good motivator to continue writing.
Author’s Note: My first attempt at slash for the last five years and also the first attempt with this pairing. Please, cope with me while I get the hang of it. This was supposed to be a 'one shot' story, but ended up becoming a series.
Disclaimer: The events portrayed in this story never happened; they are just a figment of my deviant imagination. I don’t know the people involved and have no contact whatsoever with them. No, I don’t own them either. Just to be safe, let me repeat something: THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

Tales from the wardrobe

Tags: jared leto/colin farrell

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